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By now, they would have found the method to choose only the sweepstakes companies that cause spam overload in your email. The better idea for you is to set up another email for automatic entries. This alternative email will help you find with great ease the notifications you expect and the routine information from sponsors of events and contests. Most of all, these automatic services would have the technology to send you promotional information only that you have confirmed to get, and the companies that are deemed selling personal information will definitely not be selected. Truth is, legitimate entry services have advanced their methods of choosing sweepstakes that will give you and other members good legitimate chances of winning. These sites have worked well with legitimate sweepstakes entry services and have given due chances to people using such methods of joining. It’s suffice to say that automated sweepstakes entry services DO offer people joining events a good chance at winning, and if you and others have not yet won, then it doesn’t mean that the entry services are at fault. 1. Majority of the contests disallow automatic entry services from joining an event. While there are sweepstakes companies who prohibit entries sourced from automatic entry services, hundreds of other sites and contests abound online.

So false. Fact is there are hundreds of contest sponsor contacting legitimate entry services and discussing their desire to be included in the sweepstakes selections of these services. These personalized listings are made available all the time and updated every 24 hours, sometimes more than two times. Most of all, each event rules and corresponding prizes are checked all the time so that you do have a fair chance of getting wins and prizes in events you wish to join. Such method informs you of received entries and lets you join more sweepstakes with no worries for doubled or entries that have gone against the rules. For sponsors who do not see it this way, they simply indicate in their rules that they prohibit entry services from their contests. First of all, legitimate sweepstakes entry services always provide members with a list of contests entered on their behalf. Besides, the winner’s list is but a small portion sampled from among thousands and thousands of members who have won grand and small prizes, be it cash, items or vacations and shopping sprees. People listed on legitimate sweepstakes entry programs are the people who have won through their service.

The thousands of people on the winners list had to be pulled back from their vehement reaction to this wrong statement. This is so false and all the winners would disagree. Most of all, winners who wanted to maintain privacy about their luck and big cash were not included in the winners’ list. New prizes and winners added daily. Now you can win prizes in online sweepstakes. WinPrizesOnline is the largest sweepstakes community where you can enter for free prizes and win everything from cars to cash and vacations. With this understanding, you know you can rely on automatic sweepstakes entry services and expect to win big! 4. Sponsors of contests have biases against automatic sweepstakes entry services. 3. You’re not informed of contests you’ve entered into with automatic contest services. This means that you get only from the services that were individually preset and rely on their entries, and the contests you get into have undergone filtering so that only eligible members can take part in such contests.

This is because companies can get the low-cost and yet optimum information drives and pulls of customers to their website with entry services. Such information of personalized listing is made available to you when you give the confirmation. Hence, their marketing information like web links is highlighted by working together with automated sweepstakes entry services. Most of all, their marketing strategies are well effective with automatic services, thereby increasing their clientele and sales. Some render quality and reliable services, among which are carefully selected sweepstakes event. With this site, you have a good chance of winning as your entries are tracked all hours of the day, all days of the week. You could also choose with a simple click to stop receiving emails, info materials and newsletters which you have no particular interest in. 2. You have NO CHANCE at winning with automated sweepstakes entry services. The chance for you winning in an online sweepstakes just hasn’t come yet.

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