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You can expand and collapse these groups to make everything more readable. We can use a filter to achieve this. • Alternatively, you could create a filter with the action to ‘Auto Delete’ based on certain criteria. • In each Spam Tool options, you’ll see an option to auto-delete. 18. How do I auto-delete every email, except only from those people on my friend’s list? • Select email, right click, select ‘Friend’s List’ then ‘Add Sender’. The friend’s list and blacklist have a quick search feature too. Set the Blacklist to have a high spam rating (Settings » Spam Tools » Spam Ratings) and turn on auto delete for this high level. Each spam tool gives you the option of changing the score to suit your needs, in the (Settings » Spam Tools » Spam Ratings) area. When this score is exceeded, and you have turned on auto delete (Settings » Spam Tools » Spam Ratings), the email will be deleted automatically. • General Info – About the sender such as who they are, what email program they used to send the email to you, links and attachments in the email and the language. So you may find attachments are lost.

Some times you may have email out of view (meaning you need to scroll down to see them) which are marked for delete. You may have reasons for leaving this setting on, but if it’s causing problems then follow these instructions about how to turn it off. Eg. Group by Classify and now you have all your emails in spam, undetermined and good groups. For example you could sort all your emails in to spam, good and undetermined groups, making it easy to display and manage them. 12. How do I sort by multiple columns? In the preview pane, click on the ‘Show Email Info’ link. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of an email, in the preview pane, click on the ‘Source’ tab and you’ll see all sorts of information about where the email came from. After doing this a few times MailWasher will very accurately identify your incoming email so you don’t have to. Have a look in the Mailwasher recycle bin. Layout and have fun with the various combinations of layouts available. 10. Want to change the layout? Hiding emails is useful if you want to make other emails stand out. You can even tag emails so they display in MailWasher in a different color.

You can specify certain words or combinations of words that, if they appear in the Subject, Body, From and/or To fields of the email will trigger an automatic categorization of the email within MailWasher Pro. This is to ensure speedy checking, but when you want to restore an email from the recycle bin, only the first 50 lines will be rescued. It is in fact, your email program which is giving the command to leave messages on the server, so when checking, MailWasher just downloads all those emails again since there’s a copy on the server. You can tell MailWasher to download more of the email when checking in the Settings » General » Spam Throttle. If you do find you’re losing legitimate email, you can always search in the recycle bin and rescue it. This shows you how many friend’s emails are hidden and you can click it to show or hide the friend’s emails. For example you might want to hide emails from friend’s so the spam is more visible, thus making it easier to deal with. Regular expressions are powerful tools that make writing filters easier. Filters and ‘Add Filter’.

See Advanced Features for more information about writing filters. This will show you the following information. This will show a box with your icons displayed, click the ‘customize’ link at the bottom. To group by a column simply right click on the column header and select ‘Group by’, your emails will be sorted by that group. To help prevent this, MailWasher includes a ‘Marked for Delete’ counter at the bottom right of the screen. You’ll notice an envelope icon at the bottom of the screen with a number. 13. In Windows 7, how do I make the MailWasher icon stay visible in the system tray? MailWasher by default only downloads the first 50 lines of an email. First you should check if the email came through Mailwasher Pro. Each and every email which has been processed by Mailwasher is listed in the recycle bin, even if it was not deleted by Mailwasher. Once located, select the email and click the ‘Restore’ button to send it back to your inbox. Just click the SENT column first and then hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and mouse click the FROM column. To mark many messages for deletion, click on a message and then while holding down the SHIFT key (for groups of emails) or CTRL (for individual emails) click another email.

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