Why buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting?

Paying for a VPS with Bitcoin opens the door to these users, who often have innovative ideas. When you pay for a Bitcoin VPS via BitLaunch, you use cryptocurrency, a decentralized payment system where each link of the chain is immutable and verified. It can therefore be difficult or impossible for them to use traditional payment methods to pay for services. At BitLaunch, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and that the payment services many use today have too much control. It’s worth noting that while a VPS and VPN are very similar in their naming, in most cases they provide very different services. However, as a VPS server offers that additional flexibility, you’re also able to set up a VPN on a VPS. Depending on your use case, this can have some major advantages over traditional VPS providers. Your finances are kept in your cryptocurrency wallet or BitLaunch account, and you have full control over them. In reality, we believe basically anyone can benefit from a crypto-focused payment system, whether it’s to protect their identity, failure to open a traditional bank account, or to support the wider movement of freedom in finances.

3. In countries such as India, Indonesia, China, and Kenya, hundreds of millions of citizens don’t have bank accounts. An anonymous VPN also means you can appear to be from any geographic location of your choosing, allowing you to access content from other countries on streaming services, for example, or view news sites that are blocked outside of their home country. With the sheer amount of information collected about users online by advertisers, websites, and governments, a VPN is a necessary tool. Though you can connect to it with an encrypted protocol, keeping your information safe, it’s purpose isn’t solely to protect your identity – it can also be used for development, to host a game, Plex, a TeamSpeak server, or any number of other things. To make things even better for our busy players, we’ve made it possible to access the same River Belle Casino account across any device you might use. Microgaming’s cutting edge casino software also means that River Belle will work in any situation, so whatever works best for you is easily accommodated. If you’re interested in mobile play, you’ll be glad to know that River Belle is perfectly compatible with every device and handset on the market.

You can play on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, in a mobile download or instant-play format, without compromising on any quality at all. This can jeopardize vital server uptime, whereas a crypto payment is more or less unstoppable once it has been sent. As centralized payment systems are, well, centralized, they have a single point of failure. Unlike banks, decentralized payment systems don’t invest your money, only to give you a meager percentage of their earnings. While we’re working hard to change perceptions, paying for a VPS with Bitcoin is often seen as a niche use-case. If you’ve read even a little about cryptocurrency, you’ve probably seen the term “decentralized” thrown around, but may not necessarily understand what it means. A traditional, paid VPN service means your privacy is only as secure as your provider. They tend to use strong AES encryption to do so, routing all of your computer’s traffic (not just that to the VPN) through a private tunnel. Conversely, a Virtual Private Network is designed to do one thing: keep you secure. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, meaning that you rent an entire server in a different location to do with what you wish. However, we also understand that the concept of Bitcoin VPS hosting is alien to many.

However, BitLaunch has tried to close that gap as much as possible with a detailed AlgoVPN setup guide and one-click installs for WireGuard and OpenVPN on our servers. If you agree, you can additionally use our servers to run a full Bitcoin node to contribute to the currency’s future. Conversely, decentralized technology is run by a network of participants that operate on the basis of mutual consent. Of course, the benefit of buying a service straight up versus using a VPS on a VPN is the convenience. Setting up a bitcoin VPS on a VPN lets you avoid these issues. Why Buy Bitcoin VPS Hosting? Why Use a VPS as a VPN? That’s why we chose Microgaming, and we’ve haven’t looked back since. While all of the benefits of a VPN server listed above sound great, their effectiveness varies significantly depending on your providers. They encrypt your connection so your data is safe from snoopers, while also giving you a new IP address so that your details can’t be traced by your ISP. Putting in some personal details and downloading in an app is very pain-free.

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