What are your Thoughts on Bitcoin?

Over Bitcoin zei hij: “De laatste tijd heb ik een veel nagedacht over Bitcoin. Let’s assume, again conservatively, that these high-tech operations shift 15% of their monetary transactions into this undetectable and untrackable financial system over the coming years, to try it out. The courts will not enforce any transactions involving Bitcoins. Get acquainted with regulations and rules of our casino at Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy pages and enjoy playing for bitcoins. In case of severe currency fraud we get high inflation and even hyperinflation, which ultimately destroys the currency. What happens if one of the bigger players, say amazon, google, or even visa, decides to enter this market with a competing currency? It isn’t even about Bitcoin, but about a website. The value of a bitcoin can’t be held constant – if 12 more million dollars is exchanged into bitcoin, the value of a coin will rise to $10. Secondly, I can’t see house searches occurring. Can you buy a car or house with bitcoin?

LOL. Not like our money today isn’t valued on anything, but I can still buy day to day things with it. This is the only but fatal flaw of today money. Today @237 it makes so much more sense to do that what you did yet nobody is doing it. It just tries to look like it’s saying something by having a cool black background color. Wrapster files were cool. Just like when mobile phones arrived, I don’t have to know where he is, or care, for that matter. Just don’t be to loud and complete about it. Don’t get demoralized, make your own decisions. It is very wise to make copies, encrypt the copies, and store encrypted copies in many places. I know the system can handle it down to 1/100 of a microcoin; please make it possible in the interface as well. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. It doesn’t have a point. With so few buyers, the discount will likely have to be pretty hefty in order to attract other buyers into a falling investment. Once the whole blockchain is loaded, your coins will be waiting for you..

An article like this one is the big honeypot many guys have only been waiting for to bait the clueless newbies – we will see many bitcoin incidents in near future. Simply want to say your article is as astonishing. Come and get me if you got something to say. ’t get things started on soma-pirates, useless argument. They did not get a cut, either. Working around this probably requires a physical system that is as hard to forge as real cash and issued by someone who everyone trusts, and then you might as well use regular cash instead. An alternative to a bank transfer would have been to use Visa or MasterCard. No law is there to protect you from theft and like others have said, it is purely digital. Bitcoin will increase in value, as long as there is an inflow of new players. There are only two endgames for Bitcoin – either it fails for some reason, in which case it will be worthless, or it fulfills its promise and becomes an anonymous widely-used exchange currency, in which case, today’s values are magnitudes below the endgame. Which is why too great success in national industry prompt keynesian measures by governments to restrain the resulting exchange rate of the national currency.

Why I’m Putting All My Savings Into Bitcoin by Rick Falkvinge describes how the virtual currency value has improved 100,000% in 14 months. Overall, I think I’m a bit above breakeven. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates. Until then, it is undeniably a bit of a risk. Falkvinge copyright wars, bad? Just like it is a bad idea to put all of your eggs in a single basket, it is a bad idea to invest all of your wealth in a single asset. To quote an old adage “It seemed like a good idea at the time”. I like it a lot, but it’s probably good to remember that at this momen, Bitcoin is just a relatively small open source project that is in it’s early “beta testing” stage. As for “my money to drive sustainable growth” – no, no – It’s the other way around.

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