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There are few places as quintessentially “Monaco” as the Casino Square Grandstand. A tricky uphill right-hander that heads towards the winding, flat out run up to Massenet before the cars arrive at Casino Square. Its has also been the scene of dozens of failed over-takes as drivers ambition turns out to be bigger than the gap they try to get their cars through. They might not be fast, but the demand a lot from the drivers, and have caught many of them out. The Swimming Pool may not have the stunning harbour views, but it makes up for that in terms of the action it delivers. Romain Grosjean and Max Verstappen have both ended up on top of the barriers here, and Fernando Alonso go it so wrong at Massenet in practice that he required a new chassis to be flown in from Maranello. Overtaking is not unheard of, but when Jenson Button last tried it here, poor Pascal Wehrlein wound up shiny-side down. Located at the run down from the tunnel, the left hander entering the harbourfront is one of the fastest parts of the circuit, and also one of the best overtaking areas.

If you want to see all the action of the run down to the start, Sainte Devote is the place to be. If you want to see F1 cars disappearing into a tunnel, then Portier is the place to be. Not only that, but Grandstand T is also the best vantage point to see what’s going on in the pits. Well, if you like incredible atmosphere, harbour views, and one of the best views of the Monaco F1 Track, then Tabac is the place to be. For anyone lucky enough to know Monaco in the off-season, The Rascasse is the place where live music plays, rose wine flows, and you’re almost guaranteed to wake up the next day with a sore head. Given the direct views over the Rascasse Bar’s upper terrace, you might be forgiven for thinking this grandstand is the Rascasse Grandstand. Grandstand T is located at the exit of the swimming pool complex, curving left as the cars head towards the tight double-right-hander that the actual Rascasse overlooks.

The Swimming Pool Grandstands are larger than most, meaning a fantastic atmosphere is almost assured. From the upper section you get a fantastic view of the cars approaching from the swimming pool. With only one racing-line through, you’re unlikely to see much overtaking, but you will be treated to stunning views at this high speed section of the circuit. For those that are desperate to see the start-line action, Grandstands X1 & X2 are as close as you can get. The Monaco harbourfront is one of the most iconic views in world sport, and from Tabac you can see almost all of it. If you’d like to sit at Tabac rather than the seats specific to your package, just ask the team when you speak to them. As the cars and drivers exit Tabac they are then faced with two very tricky chicanes. This is also a fantastic spot for seeing the teams and drivers prepare for the race, as well as seeing the post-race celebrations. Located at the exit of Massenet, Casino Square might as well be a chicane. If you’d like to sit at Casino Square rather than the seats specific to your package, just ask the team when you speak to them.

If you’d like to sit at Portier rather than the seats specific to your package, just ask the team when you speak to them. If you’d like to sit at Anthony Noghes rather than the seats specific to your package, just ask the team when you speak to them. But it’s not. It’s Anthony Noghes. This is why it’s one of our favourite places to be. The entry to, and exit from, Sainte Devote make it one of the few genuine overtaking spots on the Monaco F1 circuit. While each of our Monaco Grand Prix Packages comes with a pre-defined grandstand ticket, we’ve created this Monaco F1 Track guide to help you choose an alternative. However, if you’re here at Grand Prix weekend, you’ll mostly care about the racing. With views over the Monte Carlo Casino and the Café de Paris, if you’re lucky enough to be sitting here then you’re in for a treat.

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