Now with the Advent of Cryptocurrency

As a result of blockchain technology merged with RFID technology, many improvements will become available. This will give it a totally unique, globally verifiable identity. Each physical piece still has no intrinsic identity. As opposed to an identity that was assigned to it by a particular business, this blockchain identity is intrinsic to this physical piece and can be interacted with and verified in a decentralized and global way. In order for us to truly benefit from the phenomenal innovations of the digital revolution, we need a mechanized way to feed this beast. It is this system connecting digitally verifiable tags to practical chunks of stuff that feeds the beast that we call our manufacturing industry and results in our high standard of living. With the advent of the industrial revolution, virtual workers began to pop up in every field of industry and agriculture. Now with the advent of cryptocurrency, everyone can be their own online banker. Unique digital identifiers are assigned to each part as it goes through the process and each final product can be audited using that digital system. This means that without access to the central authority, no other business can interact with that physical piece.

Any individual or business could download the open source software and create their own digital management system to interact with this product. This invention which has spawned a number of projects, primarily cryptocurrencies, is changing the way we think about virtual management. The old way of doing things shifts and changes, leaving people wondering what the new rules are and how things relate to each other. As the digital world expands, more and more social features are being absorbed by this new virtual world. If a piece loses its identifying tag, it goes from being a valuable step in the process to a piece of trash. Without the identifying tag, the virtual machine that tracks and manages the dizzying amount of information necessary for the end result cannot relate to that piece. It is like having a machine that could wash and dry clothes the instant it was filled. Not only will conventional practices become less expensive, new opportunities are developing that would not have been possible previously.

These virtual machines are fantastic at processing data, and we are finding more and more ways to represent the physical world by this data. This trend of centralized control is meeting with some challenges from some of the newest innovation in the virtual world. With their extensive knowledge of manufacturing and computer science, the WaltonChain team is bringing fascinating innovation to the interface between the practically physical and the ever changing virtual. The digital machines of today are built from ethereal computer code instead of cold steel, but many of the human dilemmas are the same. Because these very expensive systems result in such extreme levels of productivity, there are usually a few firms that dominate these industries. This technology has been used primarily for currency interchanges, but there is a company with its eye on manufacturing. Because of the universal nature of blockchain technology, there would not have to be any contractual connection between the manufacturer and the retailer for this increase in efficiency and ease of management to be utilized. The goal of the WaltonChain project is to incorporate RFID identification directly into blockchain universal consensus technology. Blockchains utilized a distributed ledger and protocol to achieve universal consensus among peers.

The WaltonChain protocol will also allow for creation of child chains to perform more narrow and specialized functions within smaller businesses. A WaltonChain RFID tag will be able to create a public/private key combination. Charlie Walton created the RFID tag. WaltonChain aims to be the one-stop-shop for integrating RFID tracking systems into the open source and decentralized world of blockchain technology. In the world of manufacturing, quality control and supply chain logistics are essential to our highly specialized and productive manufacturing operations. For example, if an item of clothing is identified on the main chain, as it entered a retail store, the store could log it into its own child chain that would track it through the store and log details such as how many times it was tried on. Every revolution shakes up a society. The digital revolution is no exception to that rule. Human workers became a step removed from their work, but wound up more productive as a result. As these mechanized “virtual” workers began to replace human muscle power, some social observers saw humans taking a subservient role to these clanking and smoking beasts. Before the age of machines, most work was performed by muscle power.

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