List of Major Bitcoin Heists, Thefts, Hacks, Scams, and Losses [Old]

To this day, Bitcoin users fear Linode and usually refrain from using its services. In the aftermath of this theft, all the services migrated to other platforms. This resulted in the unauthorized transfer of BTC from the “hot wallets”, a term used to describe operational withdrawal wallets, of the services affected. The attacker initiated many Liberty Reserve deposits and injected large amounts of USD into the system, which were quickly sold for BTC. In the days ensuing, it seized a large portion of Ulbricht’s personal wealth in addition to stored balances by Silk Road users. Return of a portion of these funds is still possible, pending the outcome of liquidation. The list is designed to be as accurate and informative as possible, and most of it is well-referenced. Although not heists per se, major permanent bitcoin-denominated losses are also included in this list. A major blockchain fork occurred due to a bug in Bitcoin-Qt clients which had not upgraded to the new 0.8 version. The resulting fork split mining pools; those that had upgraded lost block revenue.

The 50BTC mining pool suffered a hack of the billing software in late 2012. They were unable to identify the vulnerability. After the incident, 50BTC completely rewrote the billing software. Although Bitfloor briefly shut down after the incident, it has since restarted and has committed to repaying its creditors. 2900 BTC remains to be refunded to creditors today. Strongcoin seized funds and returned 568.94 BTC to the mining pool operator. Some mining pools took the hit, whereas others passed the cost on to miners. Erick, allegedly the only one with physical access to Bit LC Inc.’s cold wallet, has failed to communicate and withdraw coins. Only one such attack was conducted, costing OKPay significantly. No coins have been returned at all. Unfortunately, Bitfloor’s banks shut down the exchange’s operation before all coins could be recouped. Bitcoinica shut down because of this incident. TradeFortress had a contentious reputation and had supposedly scammed two separate people before this incident. Sixteen separate thieves subsequently emptied the hot wallet. To search for the heading that details the actual theft, simply use your browser’s Find function and search for the name. If you find a factual inaccuracy, please report it.

User mralbi’s personal report. Status: Thief, a user of Strongcoin, known but not disclosed. Status: Thief unknown, not caught. Status: Suspected theft by “Erick”, could be misunderstanding. The theft resulted in the closure of MyBitcoin, which was once a successful Bitcoin company in Bitcoin’s early days. This estimate assumes Bitcoin price was just over 10 USD at the time, which is reasonable given the approximate timeframe. This measurement is based on Mt. Gox price data prior to 2013-06-09, Bitstamp price data after 2013-06-10, and US CPI data published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The same hacker also stole 200 BTC from Mt. Gox accounts, supposedly with the same trojan which doubled as a keylogger. In this section, each theft is listed alongside the value stolen when converted to a June 2013 BTC equivalent. A quarter supposedly not stolen (3 of 4 wallets compromised). The total amount stolen was 25779.49 AUD. 11Bitcoin7 HackOctober 2011est. 11000 BTC u.b.

Bitcoin7 may have disappeared with more (u.b. More information on Trendon Shavers default. Little information was released about the MyBitcoin theft, however, many argue that Tom Williams ran it as a scam (and was not a theft per se). For ease of navigation, I have assigned each theft a name. In total, this may have been the worst cross-currency hack in cryptocurrency history. I have provided dates and times as I know them. For disputed thefts, I have applied best judgement and included the ones that were most publicly accepted. If a theft, hack, scam, or loss caused damage less than 5000 BTC before 2011, it is not listed on this list at all. Not all BTC was withdrawn; official estimates state that the scope was limited to 4500 BTC. Official account; source for destination address. This list also employs USD cutoff values. Unranked because USD value at time does not meet cutoff.

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