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Games written are listed chronologically in the following format:Title, w/coauthors (year, system, publisher)If this is followed by “from SYSTEM,” it indicates a port of a game originally written for SYSTEM. Ports to other systems are flagged as such and listed separately under the name of the programmer who did the port.Additional organizational conventions are on the details page. The list is sorted by author’s last name. Mudfrog Math (1990, C128, COMPUTE! Gridloc (1989, C128, COMPUTE! International Bounty Hunter (1990, C128, COMPUTE! Ishido (1990, GEN, Accolade) from PCLottrup, Peter M.L. Magic Sword (1990, COIN, Capcom)Oklamcak, J. Sentinel One (1982, 800, Inhome)Olinger, Karl T. King Kong (1982, 2600, Tigervision)Oliphant, Peter World Championship Football (1980, HAND, Mattel) Look Alive! Sword of Kadash (1986, ST, Dynamix) from AP2? Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985, AP2, Epyx) from 800 Super Cycle (1986, C64, Epyx) Skate or Die! Buggy Boy (1988, SPEC, Elite) from COINSpracklen, Dan & Kathe Sargon (1978, S-100, Hayden) Sargon II (1979, AP2, Hayden) Sargon III (1983, AP2, Hayden) Reversal (1981, AP2, Hayden)Srimushnam, Janet Alpiner (1983, TI99, TI)St. Countdown to Shutdown, w/Ivan Manley (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64Gallagher, Dan Cosmic Camouflage (1988, BBC, Superior) Asteroids-likeGalley, Graig Powerama, w/David Crummack (1986, C64, Hewson)Galley, Stu The Witness (1983, many, Infocom) Seastalker, w/Jim Lawrence (1984, many, Infocom) Moonmist, w/Jim Lawrence (1986, many, Infocom)Gallon, M.W.

Raid Over Moscow, w/David Anderson (1985, SPEC, U.S. Zaxxon, w/David Anderson (1984, SPEC, U.S. Kung-Fu Master (1985, SPEC, U.S. Jawbreaker II (1983, TI99, Sierra) from 800 D-Station (1983, TI99, IUG) Face Chase (1984, TI99, Video Magic) D-Station 2 (1985, TI99, Exceltec) Star Trap (1985, TI99, Exceltec) 4A Flyer, w/Michael Archuletta (1986, TI99, Triton) Beyond Parsec (1988, TI99, Triton) STRIKE THREE! Pitstop II, w/Lloyd Ollman (1984, 800, Epyx) from C64McCarthy, Colm Manor of Madness (1984, ZX81, SPEC/C64, Celtic) Corridors of the Nethermind (1985, SPEC/C64, Celtic) The Light (1995, many, Illusory Mental Images)McCarthy, Justin ‘Copter Capers (1982, TI99, Futura)McClellan, C.A. Of Light and Darkness (1998, PC, Interplay)Johnson, D.W. Tass Times in Tonetown, w/Muffy Berlyn (1986, Interplay) Dr. Dumont’s Wild P.A.R.T.I. Lumpies of Lotus IV, w/John Klein (1986, PCJR, COMPUTE! Gabbard, John Keys of the Wizard (1982, COCO, Spectral)Gagnon, Claude R. Lunchtime (1986, COCO, Novasoft) BurgerTime-likeGaines, Irwin Mines of Minos (1982, 2600, CommaVid) Room of Doom (1982, 2600, CommaVid) Cakewalk (1983, 2600, CommaVid)Gale, T.L. Campaign II (1992, AMI, Empire)Griffiths, Paul Moon Flight (1983, COCO, CLOAD) Lunar Lander-like EZ-Ski (1984, COCO, Chromasette) Air Attack (1988, COCO, T&D) Scramble-likeGriggs, Ted Supermartian (1984, AP2, Computer Easy)Grigsby, Gary Guadalcanal Campaign (1982, AP2, SSI) Bomb Alley (1982, AP2, SSI) North Atlantic ’86 (1982, AP2, SSI) Carrier Force (1983, AP2, SSI) War in Russia (1984, AP2, SSI) Reforger ’88 (1984, AP2, SSI) Objective: Kursk (1984, AP2, SSI) U.S.A.A.F.

Chalice of Mostania (1985, AP2, CoastalCasten, J.D. Laser Beam (1985, 800, COMPUTE! Dungeon Arcade (1987, 800, Antic)Nadovich, C.T. Turtle Rescue (1987, C64, Ahoy! Jackiw, Nick Rescue! (1981, PET, Code Works) Lunar Rescue-like Clone (1982, PET, Code Works)Jackson, J.R. Torpedo Fire (1981, AP2, SSI) S.E.U.I.S. Fortress (1984 C64, SSI) from AP2/800Allen, James R.H. Campaign Manager (1984, C64, COMPUTE! Dragonfire, w/Matthew Sarconi (1984, COCO, Imagic) from 2600Ellis, Martin Munch Mania (1984, C64, MAST) Pac-Man-like Phantom of the Asteroid (1985, C64, MAST)Elliss, H.G. Trap (1988, C64, COMPUTE! RADs (1988, C64, COMPUTE! Chopper Pilot (1987, C64, COMPUTE!’s Gazette)Bosson, Ralph T.A.C. Road Runner (1987, C64, US Gold) from COINTownsend, Stephen Cosmic Raider (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Creepy Crawler (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Centipede-like Galakzions (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Galaxian-like Scramble (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Scramble-like Space Zombies (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen)Townsend, Zak Cobra (1986, C64, Ocean) Platoon (1987, C64, Ocean) Renegade 3 (1988, C64, Ocean) Batman: Joker & Penguin (1989, C64, Ocean)Trager, Wes Eggomania, w/Henry Will (1982, 2600, U.S. Shadow Skimmer (1987, C64, Edge) from ? Shoot ’em up Construction Kit (1988, C64, Palace) Oh No! Double Take (1988, C64, COMPUTE!

Final Defense (1989, C64, COMPUTE! Tank Ambush (1989, C64, COMPUTE! Castles & Kings, w/Steve Hughes (1989, AP2, Entrex)Van Ryzin, John Kamikaze (1981, AP2, Hayden) Shuttle Intercept (1982, AP2, Hayden) Bellhop, w/Garry Kitchen (1982, AP2, Hayden) H.E.R.O. Caves of Ice (1983, AP2, COMPUTE! Road Rash II (1992, GEN, EA)Hubble, A. The Frog (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Frogger-like King Tut (1983, COCO, Tom Mix)Huber, Walt Super Stud Poker (1983, 800, Lotsa Bytes) Star Lords (1984, 800, Lotsa Bytes) Blue Team Bridge (1985, 800, Antic)Hubers, H.A. Rear Guard, w/Neil Larimer (1981, 800, AI) Bug Off! Hedgehog (1981, ATOM, Aardvark) Frogger-like Invaders (1981, ATOM, Aardvark) Space Invaders-like Arcadians (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Galaxian-like Acornsoft Chess (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Zalaga (1983, BBC, Aardvark) Galaga-like Frak! COL Squeeze Box (1982, 2600, U.S. Entombed, w/Paul Newell (1982, 2600, U.S. Commando Raid, w/Wes Trager (1982, 2600, U.S. Towering Inferno, w/Jeff Corsiglia (1982, 2600, U.S. Blasto, w/Elaine Henshon (1981, TI99, TI) from COIN Nimble Numbers Ned (1982, O2, NAP) Killer Bees! Slinky (1983, TI99, Cosmi) from 800Harter, David SPAD X111 Mk. Closeout (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)Behlen, James W. Mini-Golf (1982, TI99, BeeJay Funware) Mini-Golf II (1983, TI99, BeeJay Funware)Behling, B.W. Island Jumper (1981, 800, COMPUTE! Savage Island Part 2, w/Scott Adams (1981, AP2, AI) Preppie!

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