Bitcoin Sees Positive Price Action as new Alternative Prepares for an Emphatic Presale Finish

Bitcoin BSC has made the clever choices to adapt what works from other projects but also has one key USP that sets them out from the crowd. The people behind the project have cleverly kept the price of Bitcoin BSC the same for the whole presale. This of course had a knock-on effect to the market as a whole and bearish conditions set in. Bitcoin BSC looks set to be one of the success stories of 2023 as its presale is coming to an end soon. Just as we hit the $1 million left to be raised mark it seems FOMO has set in as in just 24 hours another $300k worth of BTCBSC has been purchased. While on the other we have a new Bitcoin-inspired project – Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC), closing in on the end of its presale and raising over $300,000 in the last 24 hours. We will be watching with interest over the coming days as its movement toward the end of the week could tell a lot about where it will head as we head into Q4. It is now back-to-back days that cryptos number one currency has hit a monthly high and things are looking up again.

It will always be number one likely but for a new up-and-coming project like Bitcoin BSC being more environmentally friendly gives it a brighter future. The other great thing about the BSC is that it shares a code with the Ethereum network. The project has plenty of great reasons why people might be interested but we are sure this late rush is to get involved at the lowest available price. Let’s take a look at why investors all seem to want a piece of this project. As we mentioned this likely isn’t the only reason that investors are likely flocking to invest in this new Bitcoin-inspired project. We mentioned above that Bitcoin BSc has adapted some of the better properties employed by its rivals. This means that the BSC gets faster and cheaper transactions but doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to security or smart contract capabilities. When compared to other Bitcoin-inspired tokens the BSC has lower gas fees meaning transactions on the chain will be cheaper and faster giving it a significant edge. It seems like investors are feeling the rush to get involved with Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) before time runs out. 2023 has shown the resilience of the crypto market however and yet again it looks like it is recovering.

One of the challenges these new ‘inspiration’ coins face is that they have become so popular that they are now their own subsection of the market. One of these is certainly staking. On one hand, we have the crypto market’s number one token having a super week that has seen it hit its highest price in September. Either way, it is certainly an interesting time for the market’s flagship token. Last but not least is the benefit to the environment a proof-of-stake token brings when compared to its muse. Anyone who keeps a close eye on presale markets will see how staking has become a heavily used and crucially successful system employed by new projects over the last few months. The 30-day price movement chart for Bitcoin (BTC) will be a beautiful work of art for BTC investors who were really having a rough September. We think it will also be quick to go for Bitcoin BSC once listings begin as hype builds. The standout example that Bitcoin BSC will be hoping to replicate is from BTC20. While the pump is nice we are a little suspicious about what is going on so are perfectly happy looking for an alternative like Bitcoin BSC.

Let’s now take a quick look at Bitcoin and the growth it has seen in the last while. 0.99 and boy is it long gone now. 0.99 won’t be around for much longer. Bitcoin mining has become very difficult lately and regulation may be closing in regarding how much energy it uses. Some analysts are worried that something nefarious may be going on and price manipulation is going on but there is also evidence in Bitcoin’s past that a price recovery was on the cards. The Bitcoin price recovery was very badly needed as in the last two months we saw its price plummet from over $30k all the way back down to the $25k mark. This is because they are offering investors the chance to feel what it would have been like to invest in Bitcoin all the way back in 2011 before most of us even knew what crypto was. When Bitcoin dips below its 200-day EMA it tends to bounce back as witnessed in March and June of this year so this uptick is explainable. With Bitcoin BSC over 1.6 million tokens have already been staked which is roughly 50% so things are looking good. Buy Bitcoin BSC Now!

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