[Bitcoin-dev] `OP_FOLD`: a Looping Construct for Bitcoin SCRIPT

Please send me free samples of any and every single gum flavor you have and can send me. After the necessary soft fork, there would be standard rules for which registered jets nodes are required to keep an index of, and so the lookup table would be a straightforward jet hash lookup rather than a pattern-matching lookup, which wouldn’t have the same DOS problems. Consider an attack where I feed you a SCRIPT that validates trivially but is filled with almost-but-not-quite-jettable code I agree a pattern-matching lookup table is probably not a great design. When validation happens, or when a miner includes it in a block, the jet opcode call is replaced with the script it represents so hashing happens in a way that is recognizable to unupgraded nodes. JET, indicating to insert standard jet 23 in its place). If the script does not weigh less if it uses a jet, then there is no incentive for end-users to use a jet That’s a good point. However, I’d point out that nodes do lots of things that there’s no individual incentive for, and this might be one where people either altruistically use jets to be lighter on the network, or use them in the hopes that the jet is accepted as a standard, reducing the cost of their scripts.

Security wouldn’t be directly affected, only (potentially) cost. For case A, no security is lost. For case B you’re right. For case C, once nodes upgrade to the initial soft fork, new registered jets can take advantage of relay-cost weight savings (defined by the soft fork) without requiring any nodes to do any upgrading, and nodes could be further upgraded to optimize the validation of various of those registered jets, but those processing savings couldn’t change the weighting of transactions without an additional soft fork. There’s a couple possibilities I can think of for a jet-like system: A. We could implement jets now without a consensus change, and without requiring all nodes to upgrade to new relay rules. Probably. This would give upgraded nodes improved validation performance and many upgraded nodes relay savings (transmitting/receiving fewer bytes). I’m not 100% sure the required mechanism I mentioned of “extra ignored data” exists, and if it doesn’t, then all nodes would at least need to be upgraded to support that before this mechanism could fully work. In addition, some data is added to the transaction that unupgraded nodes propagate along but otherwise ignore. Honest nodes can favor connecting to those that support jets.

Upgraded nodes query each connection for support of jets in general, and which specific jets they support. For a connection to a non-upgraded node that doesn’t support jets, or an upgraded node that doesn’t support the particular jet included in the script, the jet opcode call is replaced as above before sending to that node. But even if such a mechanism doesn’t exist, a jet script could still be used, but it would be clobbered by the first nonupgraded node it is relayed to, and can’t then be converted back (without using a potentially expensive lookup table as you mentioned). But a lookup table like that is not needed for the jet registration idea. Again, lookup table tho. Transactions would be weighted the same as without the use of jets tho. But certainly a direct incentive to use them is better. I use it for things way beyond what I bet it was intended for. The way I looked at it, if I took $39 and went to buy groceries, I wouldn’t be able to get all that much. I can’t get enough of your burgers. I even get blackheads on my back and shoulders, and I just slap a Biore strip onto them.

I love your products. I love your roast beef. I love your monthly product flyers (they’re quite witty). I’m curious to find out which “style” of letter does better, in terms of actually bringing in free product. I’ve heard people call your burgers “sliders”, implying that that they “slide right out”. And I’m sorry, but I can’t find out how to make that mark over the “e”, so I just have to say “Nestle”. Right. It doesn’t have to be weight zero, but that would work fine enough. Do you have samples of any other fine produce which you could send to me for my culinary exploration? Please send me every free sample you have available. Please send me free samples of your pasta. Please send me a free bag of these rubber bands, so that I may share them with my friends. The bottle that I have is much too large to fit into a travel bag when I go on business trips. I don’t have a ton of friends, but that won’t stop me from eating it! Did you stop making that flavor? 22) Various cleaning products & cosmetic items YES!

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