[Bitcoin-dev] [Lightning-dev] Lightning and other Layer 2 Projects with Multiple RBF Policies

The 350% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus consists of one 350% match bonus up to $5,000, only valid on the first deposit when made with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin. That is in fact why this page was created, i.e. to present the best and biggest Cafe Casino offers that will maximize your bonus cash on a range of different deposit types from Bitcoin to credit cards as well as to explain the deposit and wagering requirements that go along with each offer. I think it is too early to say what the final incentives will be to run the same or differing policies. I suspect as with defaults generally most users will run whatever the defaults are as they won’t care to change them (or even be capable of changing them if they are very non-technical). Zero-risk bets placed on any game (i.e. betting proportionally on different outcomes in the same round to create “action”) will not qualify for any wagering or rollover requirement.

If, however, you elect to bet $1,000 on a table game like Let ‘Em Ride, then only 20% will count, and your remaining rollover requirement will be reduced by only $200. Certainly if you take the view that these policy rules should never be made effective consensus rules then the fact there is at least one implementation taking a contrasting approach to Core is a good thing. Whether that will change in future and whether this a good thing or not is a whole other discussion. If something sounds too good to be true, it likely is. I think if certain defaults can bolster the security of Lightning (and possibly other Layer 2 projects) at no cost to full node users with no interest in those protocols we should discuss what those defaults should be. Similarly if we have different RBF policies being used by nodes in future, how would this affect the security of lightning network implementations and other layer 2 projects?

3.Are the recent improvements suggested for RBF policy only focused on Lightning Network and its security which will anyway remain same or become worse with multiple RBF policies? 2.With recent discussion to change things in default RBF policy used by Core, will we have multiple versions using different policies? Do they have freedom to use different RBF policy? 2022-February/019846.html it is possible for an attacker to use a different RBF policy with some nodes, 10% hash power and affect the security of different projects that rely on default RBF policy in latest Bitcoin Core. Research into Lightning security is still nascent and we have no idea whether alternative Layer 2 projects will thrive and whether they will have the same or conflicting security considerations to Lightning. Clearly the security of the Lightning Network and some other Layer 2 projects are at least impacted or partly dependent on policy rules in a way that the base blockchain/network isn’t.

But contributors to other Layer 2 projects are free to flag and discuss security considerations that aren’t Lightning specific. But users who have a stake in the security of Lightning (or other Layer 2 projects) will clearly want to run whatever policy rules are beneficial to those protocols. I think by nature of the Lightning Network being the most widely adopted Layer 2 project most of the focus has been on Lightning security. I (and others) take the view that this is not a reason to abandon those designs in the absence of an alternative that offers a strictly superior security model. As part of its security procedures, this casino verifies the mobile numbers of its customers. However, in order to get full value from the casino and the amount of your deposit, we counsel you to manually enter one of our special codes. As you know the vast majority of the full nodes on the network currently run Bitcoin Core. Although I still don’t consider fee rates used in last few blocks relevant for fee estimation, it is possible that we have nodes with different relay policies. I suspect there would be strong opposition to making some policy rules effective consensus rules but we are now venturing again into future speculation and none of us have a crystal ball.

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