[Bitcoin-dev] CTV Meeting Notes #3

Central to understanding the actions of a compensation committee is a careful review of the Compensation Discussion and Analysis (“CD&A”) report included in each company’s proxy. The Adviser will use its best efforts to recall a security on loan and vote such securities if the Portfolio Manager determines that the proxy involves a material event. The non interactivity provides a dramatic speedup (30x – 300x depending on multi-oracle setup) Changes the client/server setup enable new use cases to explore, and simplify the spec substantially. Regulatory changes or actions may alter the nature of an investment in the Shares or restrict the use of bitcoin or the operation of the Bitcoin network or the bitcoin exchange market in a manner that adversely affects an investment in the Fund. In order to comply with such requirements, REITs typically include percentage ownership limitations in their organizational documents, usually in the range of 5% to 10% of the REITs outstanding shares. In order to allow for meaningful shareholder review, we believe that incentive programs should generally include: (i) specific and appropriate performance goals; (ii) a maximum award pool; and (iii) a maximum award amount per employee.

Those placing orders to create Creation Units of the Fund through the Clearing Process should afford sufficient time to permit proper submission of the order to the Distributor prior to the Closing Time on the Transmittal Date. A loss realized on a sale or exchange of Shares of the Fund may be disallowed if other Fund Shares or substantially identical shares are acquired (whether through the automatic reinvestment of dividends or otherwise) within a sixty-one (61) day period beginning thirty (30) days before and ending thirty (30) days after the date that the Shares are disposed of. Disruptions to creations and redemptions, the existence of market volatility or potential lack of an active trading market for Shares (including through a trading halt), as well as other factors, may result in Shares trading at a significant premium or discount to NAV or to the intraday value of the Fund’s holdings. Best way to think of Pathcoin at this point is an important theoretical result that should open up new exploration/improvement – TXHash Main concerns: more complexity, potential for recursion, script size overhead – Soft Forks, Generally Big question: Are the fork processes themselves (e.g., BIP9/8/ST activiations) riskier than the upgrades (CTV)?

Empirical studies have shown: (i) staggered boards are associated with a reduction in a firm’s valuation; and (ii) in the context of hostile takeovers, staggered boards operate as a takeover defense, which entrenches management, discourages potential acquirers, and delivers a lower return to target shareholders. When necessary, shareholders can address concerns regarding proper board composition through director elections. On the other hand, we can “prove” a technical upgrade correct, but soft-fork signalling requires unprovable user behavior and coordination (e.g., actually upgrading). Seems like the API of a “a coin that 1-of-N can spend” shared by N is new/unique and not something LN can do (which always requires N online to sign txns) Binary expansion of coins could allow arbitrary value transfer (binary expansion can live in a CTV tree too). Elements CTV Emulation Seems to be workable. When assessing an audit committee’s performance, we are aware that an audit committee does not prepare financial statements, is not responsible for making the key judgments and assumptions that affect the financial statements, and does not audit the numbers or the disclosures provided to investors. Performance measures should be carefully selected and should relate to the specific business/industry in which the company operates and, especially, the key value drivers of the company’s business.

Glass Lewis recognizes that disclosure of some measures may include commercially confidential information. Glass Lewis Europe, Ltd. Restricted Securities. Restricted securities are securities that are not registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”). In such situations, if the Fund has insufficient cash, it may have to sell portfolio securities to meet daily margin requirements at a time when it may be disadvantageous to do so. The risk of a futures position may still be large as traditionally measured due to the low margin deposits required. We believe such financial firms should have a chief risk officer reporting directly to the board and a dedicated risk committee or a committee of the board charged with risk oversight. On the one hand, validation rules are something we have to live with forever so they should be riskier. Soft fork rules and coordination might be bad, but after activation they go away. U.S. owners. To avoid possible withholding, FFIs will need to enter into agreements with the IRS which state that they will provide the IRS information, including the names, account numbers and balances, addresses and taxpayer identification numbers of U.S.

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