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Last year, a large casino in England’s second city, Birmingham opened its doors to a 2000 capacity, £150 million development. The 2005 Gambling Act did allow for large casinos to be built and this was separate from the Super Casinos plan from the Labour Party. Licenses were awarded for 16 casinos, 8 of them large casinos and 8 of the smaller type. Was This the End of the Mega Casinos Idea? However, Gordon Brown who would become Tony Blair’s successor was not so keen on the idea and as soon as he became the new leader of the Labour party, he promised a review of the Super Casino plan. At the time of our social and financial boom, the Tony Blair led government announced plans to allow ‘Super Casinos’. However, in 2008, due to extreme public complaints this was also scrapped and the government decided to drop the plans for Super Casinos altogether.

The government plan initially stated up to 40 Super Casinos would be built. So whilst the Labour plan was scrapped, private companies could still apply and it was the jurisdiction of the local authority rather than central government to accept or deny a request for a new casino. One of the biggest concerns regarding local authorities licensing new casinos is the chance of the local authority becoming reliant on this source of income. Fixed income securities are subject to varying degrees of credit risk which may be reflected in credit ratings. The regulation of commodity transactions in the United States is a rapidly changing area of the law and is subject to ongoing modification by government, self-regulatory and judicial action. Investments in other investment companies and ETPs, which include ETFs and ETNs, will subject the Fund to the additional fees and expenses of the underlying investment company or ETP. Furthermore, the tax treatment of the Fund’s investments in the Subsidiary may be adversely affected by future legislation, court decisions, future IRS guidance or Treasury regulations. Further, such awards should be tied to future service and performance whenever possible. Further, under the modified approach, the corporate governance committee could reject a resignation and, even if it accepts the resignation, the corporate governance committee decides on the director’s replacement.

Further, shareholders are not intended third-party beneficiaries of any contracts entered into by (or on behalf of) the Fund, including contracts with the Adviser or other parties who provide services to the Fund. The Dodd-Frank Act and the rules promulgated thereunder may limit the ability of the Fund to enter into one or more exchange-traded derivatives transactions. A DTC Participant who wishes to place an order creating Creation Units of the Fund to be effected outside the Clearing Process need not be a Participating Party, but such orders must state that the DTC Participant is not using the Clearing Process and that the creation of Creation Units will instead be effected through a transfer of securities and cash. To the extent that those APs exit the business, or are unable to or choose not to process creation and/or redemption orders, and no other AP is able to step forward to create and redeem, there may be a significantly diminished trading market for Shares or Shares may trade like closed-end funds at a discount (or premium) to NAV and possibly face trading halts and/or de-listing. Other Bitcoin Instruments not traded on exchanges will generally be valued daily based upon quotations from market makers or by a pricing service and in accordance with the Trust’s valuation policies and procedures.

For companies that trade on multiple exchanges or are incorporated in foreign jurisdictions but trade only in the U.S., we will apply the governance standard most relevant in each situation. In addition, we may recommend that shareholders vote against the chair of the governance committee, or the entire committee, where the board has amended the company’s governing documents to reduce or remove important shareholder rights, or to otherwise impede the ability of shareholders to exercise such right, and has done so without seeking shareholder approval. We will generally recommend that shareholders vote against performance-based equity compensation plans that allow for re-testing. In music we had Britpop and artists such as Blur, Oasis and the Spice Girls meant that we were the centre of a cool new generation, the likes of which this country had not experienced since the hedonist days of the Beatles! Britain had a newfound optimism, we were a country on the rise, after all, we were cool Britannia! It is alleged that the Milton Keynes council received £1 million up front for permission to build and receives an annual amount of nearly £700,000 to keep the casino open.

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