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For context, see my Unauthorised History of Cambridge University Finally, here is my PGP key. Finally, Risk and privacy implications of consumer payment innovation discusses both payment and economic issues. 2014 highlights included papers on Chip and Skim describing pre-play frauds against EMV bank cards; Security protocols and evidence which explains how the systems needed to support proper dispute resolution just don’t get built; Experimental Measurement of Attitudes Regarding Cybercrime, on how prosecutors and public opinion are out of step; The psychology of malware warnings, on how to get users to pay attention to risk; Privacy versus government surveillance, on network economics and international relations; and Why bouncing droplets are a pretty good model of quantum mechanics, which solves an outstanding mystery in physics. Here you can get complete details. My CV is here while my h-index is tracked here. 2020 highlights include sponge attacks and nudge attacks on machine-learning systems, along with work on adversarial reinforcement learning and on decoding smartphone sounds with a voice assistant.

Highlights by year 2021 highlights include Bad characters and Trojan source, of which the first broke all large language models and the second all computer languages; two adversarial machine-learning papers, on data ordering attacks and markpainting; an analysis of cybercrime ventures as startups; and Bugs in our Pockets, the latest round in the Crypto Wars. In my third term my main contribution was investigating the delays and cost overruns in a large construction project. The third edition is now on sale – you can read sample chapters on my book page. The third edition is an update for the new world of phones, cloud services and social media; it tackles the problems raised by cars and medical devices such as the interaction of security with safety, and the costs of long-term patching; it also adds a huge amount about modern threat actors, from the cybercrime ecosystem to what we learned about state capabilities from the Snowden leaks and elsewhere. The resulting hysteria made me work harder at developing security economics to enable policymakers and others to think more rationally about such things, once gthey calmed down. 2018 highlights include papers on what’s wrong with bitcoin exchanges and how to trace stolen bitcoin; on making security sustainable; controlling side effects in mainstream C compilers; how protocols evolve and a gullibility metric.

2009 highlights included Database State, a report we wrote about the failings of public-sector IT – many of whose recommendations were adopted by the government elected in 2010; The snooping dragon which explains how the Chinese spooks hacked the Dalai Lama in the run-up to the Peking Olympics; Eight Friends are Enough, which shows how little privacy you have on Facebook; and The Economics of Online Crime. 2006 highlights included technical papers on topics from protecting power-line communications to the Man-in-the-Middle Defence, as well as a major report on the safety and privacy of children’s databases for the Information Commissioner. 2010 highlights included a paper on why Chip and PIN is broken for which we got coverage on Newsnight and a best paper award (later, the banks tried to suppress this research). If I revoke this key, I will always be willing to explain why I have done so provided that the giving of such an explanation is lawful. Since then I have given evidence to the Gowers Review of IP and a parliamentary committee on DRM. With the introduction of online slots and online bingo games, the online gaming industry completely changed.

All these things will help you in gathering complete information about the online slots UK and related elements. You can find numerous other bonuses in the game that will help you in boosting the income level quickly. Due to it, all game lovers start investing their time and money in these types of games and try to make lots of profit. These games are not only offering entertainment but also opportunities of earning real money. Some beginners are trying to know how to make real money with online bingo games free to play. Most systems don’t fail because the mechanisms are weak, but because they’re used wrong. As a discipline, it focuses on the tools, processes and methods needed to design, implement and test complete systems, and to adapt existing systems as their environment evolves. It’s also about specific applications, such as banking and medical record-keeping, and increasingly about embedded systems such as payment terminals and burglar alarms. I’m a Fellow of Churchill College, the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, and the Institute of Physics.

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