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Incidentally, if you held off on the Powder Ganger attack in Goodsprings, now might be a good time to go back and deal with them, since you can bring down hot death upon your foes once per day. National Cash Register – a militant electronics corporation – have a camp here so my first thought was that might want to take care of the town, but they were too busy and didn’t seem to care. Meanwhile, the crazy brain-people have been de-braining other people prior, so once you exit the blue dome, you will be set upon by gibbering lunatics known as Lobotomites. As a rule I tended to hold on to a set of armour from the hardest one to kill. This includes a giant, drug-addled monster known as Gabe, who I did not kill and later protected from the rad-scorpions, which gives you some bonus dialogue with the crazy brain people.

Tempting as it is to pop their crazy heads off – especially when they start threatening to kill your dog – you must grin and bear it. This does not stop them trying to kill you, however. If you come back later, the corpses will rise up and try to kill you. If I was pressed against the wall of the tent to try and get as far away from the fiery death as possible, the shockwave would blow me through the tent wall, which would make the game very, very unhappy. First, make Rex wait, otherwise he will embark on a massacre of the kind we are attempting to avoid. Yes, you’re supposed to go to Novac and Boulder City first, but we’re only going as far as Freeside and we’re not planning to stay long anyway. Mentats will help with this, so if you feel like going inside the cupboard for a quick drug orgy, this may be the excuse you’ve been looking for. 3 JM: But the soundtrack thinks I’m still in Freeside so there’s a constant murmur of people partying and smashing bottles RG: How’s it going?

Your best bet is to sneak in through the railway tunnel, but you will still have trouble getting to the base itself. After I pushed the body around a bit the game gave up on it, but it still insisted on placing his brain roughly at head-height where he had been standing. Your real brain is being held by Dr. Mobius in a red-illuminated dome. This will involve you being turned into a Human Bomb so we don’t want that. I have found that a good strategy is to go to the Grub’n’Gulp – Caesar’s men will lurk behind the overpass. Directly Northwest of Goodsprings Cemetery (often guarded by Cazadors) is a small tribal camp where a number of people have been killed in some kind of freak explosion, their corpses marked as ‘Burned Body’. More to the point, if it was truly the Courier it would know to show respect, since people who give me lip tend to get their brains turned into little wet bits. The only survivors of the party after I was finished were a couple of dogs whom I simply avoided until they turned non-hostile a little while afterwards for no obvious reason. The rifle is her backup defence, after all – her primary defence is about a dozen fierce attack dogs.

You will need to pickpocket Ramos to steal his key since he has locked the door somehow. JM: I sold it to the FotA, but now I can’t find the woman I sold it to JM: As a rule I don’t do drugs JM: So I didn’t think I’d need it. You really want to talk to the motel woman and the sniper in the dinosaur, but they will only really offer help to you after you’ve dealt with the Ghouls. If you get too close while looking for snipers, the guards will get antsy but because they only complain when you get sufficiently far into the forbidden zone, they don’t provide you time to leave and the whole thing turns into a completely unnecessary shooting match. The guards will all start running around like headless chickens, the Vertibird aborts its landing and goes away, and the head ranger will walk around in an agitated manner and not speak to you, leaving you completely clueless other than the status message saying that you’ve won the mission.

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